BOSCH GMB 32 Magnetic Drill Stand


Professional magnetic drill stand with strong holding force

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Strong magnetic base ensures a secure hold for stability while drilling
Power socket switch-on protection for increased safety, provides power to drill only when the base magnet is activated
Mountable vertically, horizontally, slanted, and even overhead for convenient work regardless of the work angle

Connection bolt between GBM 32-4 Professional and drill stand enables precise drilling with core cutters

Rated input power: 95 W
Clamping flange diameter: 65 mm
Magnet retention force: 25 kN
Working length, Z-axis: 223 mm
Drill bit diameter: 32 mm
Core cutter diameter: 12 – 60 mm
Weight: 26,0 kg

Magnetic Drill Stand GMB 32 Professional
Carrying case
475 x 475 x 213


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