MAKITA EK8100WS Power Cutter 355mm

Powerful and Lightweight power cutter in this class.


Powerful and Lightweight power cutter in this class.

– Multi-functional switch lever : Choke, half topping can be controlled by a single switch lever.

– More efficient engine cooling : Obtained by using cover with bigger air intake area and new flywheel.

– Carburetor : Diaphragm type, Starter system : Recoil

– SLR muffler in compliance with all known exhaust emission regulations without using catalytic converter.

– Capacitor Discharge Ignition, Rapid Start, Anti Vibration and Decompression Valve.

Wheel diameter / Engine
405mm / 81ml
Max. cutting depth
Circumferential speed / Engine Power
80m/s / 4,5kW
Fuel mixture / Fuel tank
32:1 / 1,1L
Overall length / Weight
800mm / 10.6kg


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